Travelling through South America,
taking photos of beautiful destinations,
and sharing our experiences.

Mum We Are Fine is a South America Travel Blog with a focus on providing travelling advice, logistics and stories for other travellers, by travellers. Particularly within Central and South America.

And, of course to let our mums know, that we are fine.

Central and South America are beautiful destinations with so much to offer and do. We want other travellers who are travelling to Central and South America to experience the best of the Latin culture, the landscapes and the cuisine. However, due its size, it is difficult to be able to experience it all. For this reason we encourage anyone to share their stories and advice and travelling in Central and South America.

Central and South America also have a misconception of being unsafe. This is warranted for some areas. However, this misconception along with an unfamiliarity with the Spanish language often deters people from visiting Central and South America.

Hence - Mum We Are Fine. 

The South America Travel Blog hopes to bridge the gap by enticing others with beautiful stories and experiences. We want to provide advice and logistics so other travellers can do it on their own and reach off the beaten path destinations.

About me

My name is Anton Malishev, I am a Designer from Melbourne, Australia.

I quit my office job in 2015 with a goal of obtaining a more location independent lifestyle. As well as do something more exciting, more educational and more invigorating. The purpose of this trip is to partake in new experiences, seek new opportunities, and step outside my comfort zone.

I believe that comfort hinders productivity, travel leads to new opportunities and you can do anything you set your mind to it.

I am currently based in Medellín, Colombia, where I freelance design. With a goal to continue travelling and taking photos. To do this I work remotely with photography, landscape architecture, web design and/or graphic design.

In other words - Brand Designing. 

I encourage you all to spread the word about my services to assist me in my adventures. I work hard for what I do and I love every second of it.

Please contact me if you want to work together. I also appreciate any feedback about the blog. If it has helped you in any way, I would love to hear from you!

Portfolio link below:

Anton Malishev Portfolio

Why a South America Travel Blog?

Mum We Are Fine was a web design project I undertook in order to keep my mind active, learn new skills such as web development, UX design, practice photography and of course let my mum know that I am fine.

Long-term travel is rewarding in many ways, but can often lead to 'wandering', therefore a I believe a purpose is required.

For me, the purpose is Mum We Are Fine - A South America Travel Blog.

If you are after any advice for travelling in general, please get in contact and I will be more than happy to help.