Get away from it all. Get off the tourist trail. Take yourself to a little town in the hills and relax. 

Jardín is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located 3 hours from Medellín, it is an ideal weekend getaway. The town itself is beautiful, quaint and welcoming. The people are beyond friendly and incredibly sociable. This is reflected in the urban design of the town, with the main square being an epicenter of activity. Scores of colourful tables and chairs fill the centre and line the edges of the main square all of which are waited on by the staff of the adjacent bars, restaurants and cafes. 

The frenzy of activity continues throughout the day and extends into the night. 

The cobblestone paved roads become the stage for the local ‘Guacho’ families and their horses as they parade up and down the streets in the true Colombian style. Their horses, muscles bulging and dripping with sweat, cantor their way up and down the street, while the riders stop off at various bars and do shots of aguardiente.


Girl walking through the streets of Jardín - a traditional Colombian Town




La Cueva De Esplendor is exactly that, a cave of splendor. A large cave with a giant hole in the ceiling where water is cascading from. There are a few ways of getting there, either horse or walk. 

It is a long way from town, so it is definitely worthwhile booking a horse and a guide to take you there. The journey to La Cueva De Esplendor is beautiful in itself.

La Cueva De Esplendor - Cascading water from a hole overhead in a cave
Man standing on rock looking at cascading water from a hole overhead in a cave


Jardín has various adventure tourism activities set up such as zipling, canyoning and paragliding. So if this is your thing, then it is another reason to check out Jardín.


A group of local Colombian men talking in a street in Jardín



Being on the edge of the Zona Cafetera, Jardín boasts some great cafes and coffee. You can easily spend your time people watching from one of the many cafes lining the main square.


Locals drinking on the edge of the main square of Jardín



Jardín has beautiful colourful colonial architecture and incredibly lush green countryside. It is a great place to just walk around and admire, either through town or on the outskirts of town.

Girl standing in front of a Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Jarín
Colombian local walking a crowded street in Jardín


There are plenty of restaurants in town but our top picks are:

Café Europa
Delicious traditional Italian pizza and pasta.

Café Macanas
Tasty coffee, cakes and drinks. There are two venues, both equally as good. 


From Terminal Sur in Medellín there are two companies offering service to Jardin (via the town Andes) multiple times per day. 

The trip takes about 3.5 hours.

You can take a larger bus or 'micro' (10 person van). 

Cost: 18,000 COP one way. 

Transporte Suroeste Antioqueño

  • 6 daily buses.
  • Phone +57 4 361 1998 or +57 4 232 1923

Rápido Ochoa 

  • 6 daily buses. 
  • Phone +57 4 444 8888.
  • Online purchases also available.

You can find bus times to Jardín below:

Buses leave during the week:

  • 5:15am - micro
  • 6:00am - bus
  • 7:10am - micro
  • 9:30am - bus
  • 10:00am - micro
  • 12:15pm - bus
  • 3:00pm - bus
  • 4:15pm - micro
  • 5:00pm – bus

Note: Additional bus on Sundays at 6:30pm

  • 5:30am - micro
  • 6:55am - bus
  • 9:20am - bus
  • 10:00am - bus
  • 10:30am - bus
  • 12:00pm - bus
  • 2:00pm - bus
  • 3:45pm - bus
  • 5:00pm – bus

Note: Additional bus on Sundays at 6:30am

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