The Hidden Gem

Not many people know about Filandia in the Quindin province of Colombia. A quaint little town perched up on a hill over looking rolling green fields in the coffee district of Colombia.

I was a bit hesitant about writing about Filandia because it's one of those gems that you don't want to become over run by tourists. It is a type of place, like most places I have been to in Colombia, that you plan to come for a few days but end up staying much longer than intended. 

Filandia sits at 1600m above sea level so it has this perfect climate that's not too hot and not too cold, fresh breezes but also some stunning sun shine that looks magical when it lights up the green pastures on the horizon. 

What Can You Do in Filandia?

There's plenty to do in Filandia, but there is also plenty not to do, which is part of its charm. So here goes... 


That's right, just arrive and do nothing. Drink coffee and do nothing.


Rolling grass hills of Filandia



To my next favourite activity here, drink coffee. Slightly similar to doing nothing but you can also do something while drinking a cup of joe.

It is certainly legit and tastes delicious as you know it is fresh from the nearby farms.

A delicious cappuccino made from freshly roasted Colombian Coffee



A secluded waterfall outside of town on a local farm. The word 'doble' means double, which means that their are two waterfalls! Score.

It's a very peaceful destination, the ride down itself is quite lovely as well.

My favourite part was that the family came down with me after they had finished lunch and we talked about farming in Australia. A topic I know little about, but either did they, so I could say what I wanted.

Download the file from the Bidea Hostel website for the correct route.

Doble Cascada cerca de Filandia.



A 20-minute walk or an even shorter bike ride. This finca has brilliant views of the rolling hills and surrounding landscape.

They also boast a delicious cup of coffee straight from the farm. One of my favourite thus far in life, but who's counting. I will add that it costs double that of other cafes in town - 5000CLP! By Colombian standards it is expensive, but I will let you convert that into your own currencies. Pay for the view.


Download the file from the Bidea Hostel website for the correct route.

The lookout point from Finca Mirador in Filandia.



A 15km walk or bike ride to Quimbaya. It may sound difficult but it is not and it is well worth it. The route takes you through the countryside where you will see plenty of coffee fincas, local living, farm animals, and avocados hanging from trees. 

Here is the best bit. Stay at Bidea Hostel and they have bikes to use for the day for free! The ride itself is pretty much all down hill. I counted having to peddle uphill on 6 occasions. The path is bumpy at times, so expect a sore gooch after, but that's what adds to the charm. 

When coming back you can squeeze onto a 'Willy' from Quimbaya. We had 16 people on the 'Willy', it was a fun and bumpy ride and everyone was so friendly. Always saying 'buenos tarde' and 'hasta lleugo' getting on and off the 'Willy'. 

If that doesn't once again confirm how friendly the Colombians are, maybe this will - At a police checkpoint one passenger was found to have some weed on him. He argued that it was for pain relief and all other passengers joined in the conversation to help him out by agreeing and supporting his case. Included in this support team was an old lady who was laughing hysterically with the police officer explaining how she uses it all the time. 

In the end he didn't get his weed back. 

Cost should be about 4000CLP + 2000CLP for the bike.

Also a 'Willy' is a post world war two restored jeep that they use here in the coffee district to transport basically anything.

Download the file from the Bidea Hostel website for the correct route.

Fincas of Filandia - Colombian Landscapes



Rio Rambles 
Rio Rambles is a river to swim in that is close by. Apparently it is nice.

El Mirador 
A lookout point on the edge of town. It is a beautiful structure that provides panoramic views of the surrounds. Worthwhile.

El Mirador - A lookout point located on the edge of the town Filandia


To get to Filandia you can take a direct bus from either Armenia or Pereira. 

If you are coming from Salento, you will need to take a bus heading to Armenia but let the driver know that you want to get off at Flores. Cross the road and hail down a bus that has the sign 'Filandia' on it. 

The location of Bidea Hostel is below. Highly recommend that you stay here if you come to Filandia, very friendly staff, but what's best is the use of free bikes and their files for all the local activities on their website.

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